About us


Enabling and delivering innovation through software engineering

ERNI Group supports global companies in high tech industries, the financial and insurance service sectors, as well as organisations in the public sector looking to streamline the efficiency of their organisations by delivering innovation in collaboration and technology through software engineering.

Founded in Switzerland in 1994, ERNI has more than 700 employees worldwide and a powerful international network active in Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Slovakia, the Philippines, Singapore and Romania.

ERNI engineers and consultants also support one another in the planning, development and operation of technically sophisticated and commercially successful solutions worldwide. In turn, these experiences are shared between colleagues at all levels of our enterprise, affording all ERNIans the chance to develop and grow.

20 Years of ERNI

In 2014 it was exactly twenty years that ERNI was entered into Lucerne’s business registry. If you would like to learn more about ERNI’s company history, then please watch it here on YouTube.

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