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Sascha Nussbaumer

Principal Business Analyst: Public Services, Bern
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Living in Grenchen, home to many famous watch makers, I have always had a close eye on technology. First pursuing a profession in electronics, I went on to study software engineering, project management and business engineering. With this foundation, I now work mainly as a Principal Business Analyst and in the role of Requirements Engineering – Service Leader.

Being local to Bern, I usually work from a customer site in the canton. Personally, this has allowed me better work-life balance especially in regard to parenting, while professionally it has enabled me to focus on business analysis and usability engineering for a large public transport provider. Primarily, this involves communicating with large numbers of project stakeholders, eliciting and consolidating their requirements for features to be released in upcoming versions of their software platform. In many ways this means my role is to build bridges between the IT and Business sides.

From the start, ERNI offered me the potential for great personal development. I have used the opportunity and ERNI’s flexible organisational structure to apply my experience to large customer projects. Throughout all of them, I have always been able to rely on our interdisciplinary team collaboration. In fact, it is the quality of collaboration and communication that enables our open feedback culture and allows everyone to both contribute within his or her skillset and to identify and improve their weaknesses. Communication is central to the development of innovative solutions.

In my current role I am diving deeply into collaborative approaches that better enable our customers to develop usable software products. I am talking about a “user centred design” process. In fact, my goal is to refine the “Way” we develop our consulting methods and how to move Usability Engineering to the core of our profession at ERNI.

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