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Yves Wyder

Senior: Business Analyst - Public Service, Bern
Read time: 2 mins

I joined ERNI four years ago, and have been busy with my customer mandates around Bern. Luckily, I live nearby in Wabern, a suburb, which satisfies my “local” requirements and adds further flexibility to ERNI’s already dynamic working environment.

With so much business activity focused around the canton, I generally spend my time at customer sites and away from our offices. Most of my days begin and end with a definite cycle. In the mornings I begin with project meetings, giving and getting updates from stakeholders. Once I orient myself and evaluate short, mid and long-term needs, I begin working on the most important issues. This work is very diverse depending on the role in the project. As a scrum master, product owner, business analyst or even test manager I was able to contribute to the projects success.

To keep daily track of projects, organise team effort and clarify open issues, I use several forms of documentation and visualisation such as: graphs, flipcharts, process flows, UML and mock-ups to communicate in which direction the team needs to head to meet customer needs. Thus, while working in an agile environment is very interesting, it is also challenging. However, when the time or need comes, I can immediately reconnect with colleagues and supervisors to benefit from a vast amount experience and best practice. In addition ERNI supports me in developing my personal and technical skills with internal and external events or education.

Like well-planned software-architecture, ERNI’s non-hierarchical structure means that critical support can come from all sides. This was especially helpful as a new joiner. I never had the feeling I was the “new guy” and found that there was both a lot of freedom and more formal organisation where appropriate.

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