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Software development and consultancy can take on many forms at ERNI. Conceived as a full service engineering consultancy, ERNI covers five areas of engineering expertise referred to as “Services”.


Requirements Engineering

Requirements engineering

The requirements engineering process forms the basis for efficient software engineering. The requirements elaboration process involves structured clarification of requirements, i.e. systematic elicitation, analysis, specification and validation of all requirements.

Software Engineering

Software Engineering

ERNI goes beyond classical software engineering. For development projects we follow the ERNI software development lifecycle, which is based on agile principles and relies heavily on concepts such as SCRUM and SAFe. In our quest for high-quality software, we invest heavily in tooling, continuous integration, agile practices, test automation, software architecture, and design.

On the technology side we focus on .NET, Java, Embedded, HTML5 and mobile development.


Career Stages


Once aligned with at least one of the services presented above, ERNIans can then be organised into a composite group of different experience levels. Take a look and locate yourself. Each employee’s level can be rated within a clear matrix of requirements. In this manner you can easily identify which experiences and skills will enable your progress up the career ladder.


Are you someone who enjoys putting theory into practice and working both methodically and systematically? As a career starter your first responsibilities with us will be as a Junior. At ERNI you will be guided, trained and invited to work on demanding customer projects. From Day 1 you will be developing professionally.


As a Professional within a specialist team, you will work autonomously on assigned issues. A minimum of one year’s experience in Requirements Engineering, Testing, Project management, Performance Improvement or Software Engineering, including the required certifications, are the preconditions for participation on major projects and placement with our customers as an ERNI Professional.


As a senior you are in charge of a specialist team or of sub-projects. You are an expert and enjoy sharing your knowledge. Experience as a Professional and specific leadership training are the stepping stones to the rank of Senior. You have two priority tasks: identifying the concerns and requirements of your customers and leading your team to a successful result.


As a Principal you are responsible for the most challenging projects and consultancy mandates. Your skills include leadership, communication and innovation. You are the point of contact for all stakeholders; you identify the need for innovative services and assume responsibility for the project’s success. The professional development of our staff and company knowledge in your domain are key aspects of your duties.

Business Unit Leader

As a Business Unit Leader you are responsible for account management, employee development and project responsibilities. Business Unit Leaders have extensive project and management experience, and are trained accordingly. You look after customers, head up teams of 7 to 15 employees and assume responsibility for complex consultancy mandates as well as project management tasks. You represent ERNI both internally and externally.

Senior Principal

As with the mandates of a Principal, you are responsible for challenging projects and consultancy mandates. However, your focus extends to acquiring national and international project orders, which you develop independently or with guidance, from others. You make a significant contribution to developing ERNI’s business and are the point of contact for all stakeholders; identifying any needs for innovative services and assume responsibility for project success.

Business Area Manager

As a Business Area Manager, developing market segments and customers is your core activity. You lead three to five ERNI Business Units within your sphere of responsibility. You focus on winning new customers and developing our key accounts and acquiring new and challenging projects for our consultants.

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ERNI Community

Learning, Innovation and Collaboration

With regular sessions ranging from informal meet ups, through to practical hands on labs, workshops and hack sessions, ERNI Community is your playground to learn and experiment. It exists to further support your professional development at ERNI and to keep you at the forefront of our fast changing industry.

Expect fun, engagement, collaboration and team building. You will personally experience the passion of an organisation that has "Learning Culture" in its DNA.

ERNI Forum

Taking place exclusively in Switzerland, ERNI Forum is an in-house event where a project teams pass on -to all ERNI staff- the latest specialist knowledge on current customer projects. Forum company-wide knowledge transfer hub and a platform for discussion for all ERNI employees where consultants, engineers and ERNI managers meet to exchange and benchmark knowledge and experience.

ERNI Alumni Event

The ERNI Alumni Group organise their exchange events and contacts through the online platform XING. There you will find all the latest and most interesting facts about ERNI as a company, where ERNI has propelled dozens of great consultants and software developers and how you can take part in one of the many open ERNI Alumni events.

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