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ERNI is continuously looking for talented engineers and consultants willing and able to perform services at an extraordinary level.

You need to hold at least a bachelor’s degree (BCS) -or comparable higher education. Besides the right education, you need to have an affinity to computer science.

In our mandates, ERNI takes responsibility across different roles such as: requirements engineer / manager, software developer, test engineer/ manager, project / program leader / manager or process consultant. Most are in a lean / agile project environment, meaning specific roles such as SCRUM Master, Product Owner, etc. are also needed.

Soft skills such as strong and level-appropriate communication skills, the ability to work in a team, and the will for continuous self-improvement are essential traits at ERNI.

Do you have that winning solution oriented mind-set combined with reliability and enthusiasm?



Learn about our experience

ERNI Experience

Experience is a quarterly magazine that explores topics relevant to managers that are looking to drive successful innovation in software technology. Read the latest digital issue today and learn about the types of projects you might be working on at ERNI.


ERNI Essentials

A compact guide to best practice across our core competencies: Requirements Engineering, Software Engineering, Performance Improvement, Project Management and Testing. Essentials provide you with some of the best practices for services we offer at ERNI.


ERNI Techletter

Best practice on technology topics shared directly from our consultants and developers. Take a look at what trends and topics ERNI’s software engineers are inspired by.





Join and get clear perspectives for your career entry

Held annually in each ERNI region, camp trainings are focused on method competence and improved cooperation among specialists in organisational processes.

Recent topics have included: organizational themes based on the Eisenhower Matrix, communications trainings and more technical trainings like summer 2014’s ERNI SDLC (Software development life cycle) training module.

Join us and get feedback on your performance while working in our cooperative environment. The result of the trainings is that participants gain an enriched personal methods package to leverage in their daily work in IT engineering. In this authentic development environment you will experience how teams are brought together on both a professional and personal level.

By means of instruction (see), repetition (do) and reflection (think), all team members improve the maturity necessary to manage complex challenges both autonomously and within teams.

More Perspectives!

The focus of ERNI Camp is on key topics of software development, agile project environment and methods competency. Alongside current ERNI employees you will experience the process of iterative-incremental software development. You get to know the ERNI Services’ approach to Requirements Engineering, Software Engineering, Testing, Performance Improvement and Project Management, and most critically, you will be able to benchmark and exchange your experiences with our professionals.

Accelerated Progress

Improve your methodological, professional and collaborative competence at ERNI Camp. This immersive experience is compulsory for our employees; however, as an ERNI candidate your elective participation enables you to get a real sense of life at ERNI and the pace of work at an internationally oriented software engineering firm.

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