7 under 30: Radu Sipos

Radu has a bachelor degree in Robotics. At ERNI, he had already worked in various projects across Europe and his job was to make sure that the products are of good quality and safe to use.

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7 under 30: Anastasiia Shelukhina

Having moved from the Ukraine to Germany nine and a half years ago, Anastasiia studied International Management and IT at the DHBW in Stuttgart. Here, at a private university, she is recently also doing her Masters.

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ERNI Hero: Dieter Niklaus

This is the first time at ERNI, that our employees had the chance to nominate any of their colleagues for their positive approach or social engagement.

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ERNI Hero: Ruel Dognidon

Are you sitting next to a Hero? Has your team member positive impact on personal and company development or social engagement?

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ERNI Hero: Darina Stipula

We are all working together at ERNI, but not all of us can see each other daily. Some of us have the opportunity to work closer with other teams and know each other better - long distance is not a limiting factor anymore. 

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Sarah Javier: Arts and music lift my soul

Sarah Javier, UI/UX Designer at ERNI Philippines lives her creativity also in her spare time. Read the interview about her love for painting and music.

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