7 under 30: Veronika Piknova

Read time: 1 min

“I got enthralled by the world of advertising during high school at the age of 17. Even though I had a completely different vision of the world of marketing at that time, my studies, which culminated in a marketing communication master’s degree, brought me a bit closer to the real world of advertising”. Veronika started to work part-time before she finished university in the marketing department of an IT outsourcing company. After almost four years, she decided to join team ERNI at the Bratislava site as a Social Media Manager in October 2016.

Each Social Media Manager should partly cover all these positions: copywriter, designer, customer care specialist, advertiser, analyst and strategist in order to be successful. ”I am really glad that at ERNI I have also possibilities to work on projects in several digital marketing fields, even outside of social media". One of the difficult parts of this job is to explain to people what you do and that "you don't get paid for being on Facebook".

It's amazing to work in such a changing environment as the world of digital marketing and to be ready to soak up new information daily.

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