ERNI celebrates its 20th anniversary

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October 13, 2014, marked exactly twenty years to the day that ERNI was entered into Lucerne’s business registry. Twenty years since a seed was planted, a seed which has spread through Europe and Asia and has now reached full maturity.

Twenty years in the life of ERNI is a jubilee definitely worth celebrating: twenty years of commitment, collaboration and trust, years of giving the world the best of Swiss engineering.

But mostly those twenty years were about people, colleagues, co-workers and friends, who have made ERNI the great company it is.

The celebrations took place globally with more than 500 ERNIans and partners celebrating in Lucerne, Stuttgart, Barcelona, Bratislava and Manila. Carefully planned parties held many surprises: Although the dinner was planned and after-parties with DJs and bands were announced, no one was expecting the energizing concert of Swiss band Yokko or welcoming software trailblazer Professor Niklaus Wirth on stage in Lucerne, one of the evening’s highlights.

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