ERNI Hero: Darina Stipula

We are all working together at ERNI, but not all of us can see each other daily. Some of us have the opportunity to work closer with other teams and know each other better - long distance is not a limiting factor anymore. 

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Sarah Javier: Arts and music lift my soul

Sarah Javier, UI/UX Designer at ERNI Philippines lives her creativity also in her spare time. Read the interview about her love for painting and music.

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Unique community series: Bootstrap 4 and Angular 4 Kindergarten

We will gain nothing unless we make a move to achieve it. Same goes with knowledge, we couldn’t stock anything on our brain unless we don’t do anything to feed something on it. And feeding young minds is one of the aim of EPH employees.

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Dealing with Communication Barriers

Communication is one of the most important things that exist. Without communication, humans would never understand what the others want to point out. The means are different, verbal or written. It could be blatant or kind, depending on how the person delivers it.

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National Future Day 2017 in Switzerland

Every year, the second Thursday of November is our national future day in Switzerland when children have got the opportunity to learn about their parent’s job.

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Our ERNI therapies, a wonderful way to celebrate life in the office

Over two years ago, we started a great initiative in ERNI Spain that we have kept over the months that proved to be very beneficial as it gives everyone in the office a great morale boost and helps making bonds stronger: Monthly (Food) Therapies.

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