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What are we offering?

In an ERNI career you will support leading international companies looking to streamline the efficiency of their organisations. Your focus will be on delivering innovation in process and technology through software engineering.

First, you will get connected to our highly specialized and expanding competence network. You will be equipped with both the toolkit and training necessary to succeed in demanding customer projects.

Second, your mandates will be carefully selected and will enable you to collaborate with clients across a wide range of industries. We believe it is crucial to explore your interests and build up a diversity of project experiences to further your professional development.

Third, you will find yourself working for recognizable brands, and both specialized and large customer organisations. Our internal subject matter experts will provide you with proven best practices to ensure project success.

In short, joining ERNI is an important decision in your career. Our network will allow you to grow and apply your skills across many technology intensive sectors. Working with us means a continuous encounter with interesting projects that will fuel your professional growth.

Are you willing to focus on the human success factor in software engineering?


Organisations increasingly require a culture of innovation to sustain real competitive advantage. That is why ERNI Group’s vision is to bring Swiss Engineering attributes like: precision, reliability and cost effectiveness to Software Engineering through a globally distributed development platform that provides services locally. To accomplish this, we will open global sites amongst the world’s most productive R&D hubs each staffed with high calibre ERNIans.

If you can see yourself contributing to this vision, then join us.


Our mission is to enable and deliver innovation in process and technology based on software engineering. We are a trusted strategic partner in software engineering for organisations at the forefront of technology to strengthen and sustain their competitive advantage long-term.


  • We feel responsible
  • We think methodically
  • We act individually

Global and Local projects

When you join ERNI, you are challenged to go beyond boundaries. All of our sites support clients by enabling knowledge transfer and sharing expertise where it is needed most: in the immediate vicinity of our customers and their requirements.

With multiple sites in several countries, maintaining productive communication between clients, consultants and development teams enables our engineers to gain internationally recognised experience.

10 Reasons to join


Innovative Thinking

ERNI believes in and supports experimentation and progression at every level of the organisation. This fact underpins an environment where open communication, collaboration and the exploration of new ideas can fuel both our specialist service domains and business functions.


Excellent Opportunities for Promotion

We provide career paths in a dynamic growth market for managers and professional experts, both locally and globally. At any time you can consult our matrix of career requirements to locate which skills you need to advance at ERNI. This transparency is backed up by Leading ERNI (a global leadership system), which defines a unified set of tasks, tools and principles which every ERNI leader applies to further develop employees


An Atmosphere of Trust

Flat hierarchies promote collaboration and knowledge sharing across the whole organisation. This allows you to think and act with creativity, persuasiveness and responsibility. We trust, respect, and share experience with each other.


Support for dual careers / Women in IT

Our employees are highly qualified individuals with university degrees. Many have families and often partners who are pursuing careers. We are aware that this can be challenging within the setting of a consulting business. Thus, ERNI is a flexible employer that invests heavily in its employees and supports them in maintaining a healthy work- life balance. We are also specifically interested in hiring more women in IT, as we believe that a good gender-mix produces better team results.


Achieve career goals

We are looking for dedicated people committed to becoming highly qualified and recognized experts in the classical disciplines of software engineering. Whether you wish to develop your potential at one of our market units, as a consultant or engineer supporting clients, or alternatively at one of our service units perfecting your craft as a developer, ERNI is ready to support you. Whichever track you follow, we offer uniquely targeted trainings and clearly defined curricula.


Interesting Projects

Engineers thirst for interesting assignments and projects. Thus, we encourage you to explore the challenges associated with different industries and markets. You can count on high-level demands and requirements, but also guidance and ongoing support from ERNI whenever needed.


Result-oriented Team Spirit

Together, we work for our customers. We help and support one another. We do not make empty promises and we keep our word. We only promise what we can deliver and then bring the solution to the customer.


Strong Network of Experts

Software engineering is not only a job, but also a passion. Strategic experience, methodological knowledge and individuality are all key factors for our employees to meet the latest customer requirements in a professional manner.


Manage Change

Motivated, highly qualified and customer-oriented employees cooperate with different types of clients to develop innovative and individual software solutions. Our aim is to unlock the innovation potential residing in client organisations and to help secure them competitive advantage.


Equal Opportunity for Everyone

Our corporate culture necessitates equal treatment and offers equal opportunity. We enable our employees to tap their full potential while respecting and promoting cultural diversity as well as a diversity of skills and experiences.

Day @ ERNI

Sascha Nussbaumer

Principal Business Analyst: Public Services, Bern

Living in Grenchen, home to many famous watch makers, I have always had a close eye on technology. First pursuing a profession in electronics, I went on to study software engineering, project management and business engineering. With this foundation, I now work mainly as a Principal Business Analyst and in the role of Requirements Engineering – Service Leader.

Being local to Bern, I usually work from a customer site in the canton. Personally, this has allowed me better work-life balance especially in regard

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Iveta Šišková

Product Owner Proxy/ Project Coordinator, Zurich

Being a challenge driven person, I have been attracted to ERNI and its project management service as it brought me closer to cooperation with the real clients and even more real development teams. While not a software engineer, I got a nice chance to use my organizational and communication skills, and experience from IT area to guide projects throughout their existence.

Our projects run in an agile environment where hard work, “safe to fail” culture and willingness to drive improvements, move forward - personally,

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Yves Wyder

Senior: Business Analyst - Public Service, Bern

I joined ERNI four years ago, and have been busy with my customer mandates around Bern. Luckily, I live nearby in Wabern, a suburb, which satisfies my “local” requirements and adds further flexibility to ERNI’s already dynamic working environment.

With so much business activity focused around the canton, I generally spend my time at customer sites and away from our offices. Most of my days begin and end with a definite cycle. In the mornings I begin with project meetings, giving and getting updates from stakeholders. Once I

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